Individual Subscriptions 2022 - 2023

Fees for individual membership which is open to men or women, are shown below.

Category 12 Month Subscription Rate
Full Membership £600.00
Special Offer 1st Year £396.00
Country Membership £396.00
Young Adults (26-34yrs) £396.00
Young Adults (18-25yrs) £270.00
Juniors (Under 18) £120.00
Juniors (Under 16) £60.00
Full Time Student £180.00
New to Golf (restrictions apply, please ask for details) £300.00
Social Membership £35.00
We are a Community Amateur Sports Club. Full membership of the golf club is therefore available to any member of the community at a reduced subscription of £470.00 p.a. if the applicant can reasonably demonstrate to the club that the full cost of membership cannot be afforded.